Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Logo Design - Top Tips

Balance is something that many of the companies miss out while doing logo design. What kind of balance you might ask? Well let me tell you, balance is something which you need in your logo, it is something which, if not implemented will mess up your complete logo. See, your eyes are your best friends in this matter, if you think that a logo design has something missing or doesn’t look right for even an instant then you should get rid of it as soon as possible. The logo that you are designing should spark immediately and it shouldn’t leave a speck of doubt in the viewer’s mind.
Logo design is art and science both mixed together, startled? Let me explain. You see the art is when you use the right image with the right color and font, but it is also science because you need to use the correct kind of pixel size etc. For your logo design to be good, you need to put in certain elements that will ensure your logo’s success. Nowadays, many logo designers are using Photoshop and other such software to add an image and text and make a logo design. But in fact, you need a set of mastered skills to create a logo design. The logo design process is much deeper than you might think. You can take the help of this article and begin dreaming your perfect logo design.
Okay, so we were talking about balance weren’t we? Let’s get back to that. To balance your logo, you need to have the right kind of size and pixels to make sure that it looks right no matter what platform it goes on. These things have to be focused upon especially if you are planning to show your logo of a large platform. Another factor that you need to keep in mind while logo design is that when you are making the initial design, you should make sure that it looks in black and white. Incorporate color for sure, but first test it on black and white because there are many logos that just don’t look right and end up being hated.
Always adjust the kerning for maximum results. Also, make use of guides and consult them whenever you are in a fix. Make them your best friends and go through them. These guides have the combination of different kinds of fonts, images and colors so make use of them. But please do check the theme or concept of the guide first because there are many out there.